4 Advantages of Using Ships to Transport Goods and Parcels

Sea freight Sydney based companies transport goods and parcels via cargo ships which use water as a medium of transport – whether in major rivers, oceans and seas.

Sea freight is considered to be one of the earliest modes of transport which enhanced major trade transactions in history. Sea transport connected various key trading regions in all the continents of the world where these operations occurred.  Canoes were the earliest vessels which carried goods, products and also slaves.

The sea freight industry has grown immensely; since then, a lot of technological advancements have been witnessed all around the world.  Huge ships have been designed to transport hefty goods that weigh millions of tonnes, for thousands of miles. Continue to read to find out the benefits that Sea freight Sydney has when it comes to transporting heavy goods.

Let us look at the advantages of using sea freight in Sydney

1. Huge capacity

Sea shipping has a huge space which makes it easy for ships to transport bulky cargoes at the same time. Ships can carry hundreds of thousands of tonnes worth of products whether they are palletized, containerized or not. Many Sydney sea freight companies have cargo ships that can fit thousands of tonnes of cargoes which make it easy to carry large amounts of goods. It is because ships have been built with different compartments. Road freight makes use of a truck to carry goods. However, the drawback with trucks is that they have a smaller capacity. However, goods that are carried by one ship can be transported to different places by more than one truck. Check Novis Logistics for more details.

2. Sea shipping is cheaper than road shipping

It is worth to note that sea freight is cheaper than road shipping. When it comes to road shipping, a lot of resources, as well as personnel, are needed for transportation. One ship can carry a variety of products which may include goods such as those that need temperature controls. In road freight, different trucks are used to transport refrigerated goods which are more expensive compared to ships.

3. Sea freight is safe than road transport

Another advantage that sea freight Sydney has, is that it is way safer to transport valuable goods for long distances using shipping cargoes than trucks because trucks frequently pass through different areas some of which are very unsafe. This not only exposes goods that are on transit, but also risks the lives of both the driver and the passengers. Also, goods on board may be destroyed or stolen, not forgetting the truck itself. Using sea freight services is safer because there is always constant patrol on the seas. Moreover, most companies employ professional troops that provide security to goods while on transit.

4. Less prone to accident

The rates at which accidents have been reported are much less to sea freight than road shipping. Unlike sea accidents, most road accidents claim thousands of lives and also damage property worth millions of dollars. Sea freight has a negligible rate of accidents since ships are not used as it is the case with vehicles.