Crucial Aspects That Influence the Cost of Moving To a New House

Although you may be comfortable in that rental apartment, a day may come to move to your own house. Relocation always comes with some challenges that in most cases influence the cost of moving. Even if you have a vehicle, it’s not right to think that you can use it to move your belongings such as the furniture. You would have to hire furniture movers Gold Coast has today since their vehicles have adequate and safe space even for delicate furniture. The cost of moving your furniture to a new house would depend on:


The cost of moving your furniture increases with distance. Most professional movers know that long distances expose the tires of their vehicles to quick wear and tear. Moreover, the moving vehicles would consume more fuel when moving heavy furniture to a longer distance. However good or considerate the professional Gold Coast furniture movers would wish to be, these transport costs would definitely reflect in the quotation they give you. While some truck rental companies charge a flat rate, others charge per mile.

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Padding and wrapping services

Most movers assume that the client will have padded and wrapped their furniture in one place before they come. If you expect the movers to disassemble all the furniture in your house, you would expect to pay some extra dollars besides the loading and offloading charges. Waiting for professional movers to come and dismantle and pack your furniture would also consume much of your valuable time. It’s always a good habit to disassemble and wrap your furniture several hours before the furniture movers Gold Coast has today make their way to your house.

Quantity and weight of your furniture

Nowadays, you don’t call in professional movers and expect them to come ready to move your furniture. They first come at home to assess the type of furniture you want to move with to your new home. This way, they are able to assess the furniture’s weight and size. If your furniture is heavy and bulky, they may decide to come with a big truck. However, you would pay more than you would have paid if they used a small truck to carry your furniture. Let the best furniture movers in Gold Coast first come and see your furniture and then estimate the cost of moving cost.


Most people don’t know that a season can determine how much they pay to move their furniture and other belongings to their new house. Winter and fall are some of the off-peak seasons where the moving cost is always relatively low. Many people don’t like moving during this season due to weather problems. However, those moving to their new homes during summer are many. The moving price during summer increases because a single furniture moving company could be handling more than one client a day. If you don’t want to spend more on moving, winter or fall is the best time to hire furniture movers in Gold Coast.

Moving prices fluctuate with time especially based on the factors discussed above. How much you paid to move to your current house three years ago may not be the same rate this year. Moving your furniture to a new house can be cheap or expensive depending on how you plan it. If you bring these four aspects in your furniture moving plan, the quotation you get from competent BPE Removals has to offer won’t jeopardize your budget.