Inquiries to Make with a Courier Service

A courier service supplies door-wise shipping as well as delivery of letters, packages and other kinds of shipments. Services provided by package-delivery companies can be of international, national and local levels, like what is available with Bonds Couriers - courier delivery firm. These services vary among different companies, making it necessary to make a number of inquiries before involving the services of a particular firm.

Bonds Couriers - Courier
Bonds Couriers – Courier

On-Time Deliveries

A majority of couriers provide a guarantee of on-time delivery, like Bonds Couriers – courier delivery company. It is usually available for services of standard shipping, express shipping, overnight shipping as well as same day delivery.

Solid Reputation  

Success of any courier firm depends much on whether they can fulfill their shipping obligations. Good courier services ought to have a list of clients who are pleased with how they render services to them. They need to have a reputation of handling packages carefully and not have the notoriety of damaging or losing items.

Cost of Package-Delivery Services     

The cost of shipping items could vary with different couriers. However, it is important for clients to get good value for their money. You can ask for instance whether they provide discounts on items transported in bulk. It is also advisable finding out the exact kinds of services a parcel-delivery firm offers to its clients. Be careful not to trust a company solely upon its face-value.

Types of Insurance cover Available

A client needs to check whether the insurance provided covers the value of packages in full and whether it also covers lost, stolen and damaged goods. One should strive to get an insurance guarantee in writing for all transit items. An insurance courier should not have difficulties for instance availing a Certificate of Insurance. Every courier firm needs to have general liability insurance worth at least a million dollars.

Hours of Delivery

Certain kinds of couriers render their services all around the clock, whereas others do not open their doors on holidays. It might be necessary paying extra fees for some items.

State Permit Number

Every state issues motorized freight-transporters with a permit. Avoid utilizing a courier service which lacks the right kind of permit.


Bonding serves as a form of insurance against possibility of fraud committed by an employee of a courier firm. A computer might for instance have been used by an employee to ship a contraband item. Bonding is meant to shield the owner of such an item from experiencing financial loss.

Cost of Shipment  

The cost of shipment depends upon weight and size of a package. A lot of couriers employ online calculators for establishing the costs of shipment.

Items that Cannot Be Shipped    

Couriers are prohibited from transporting certain items. These include liquids, livestock, perishable goods, gases, glass, pyrotechnics as well as ammunition and arms among other items.

Information Needed When Booking a Courier

Normally, couriers require knowing the type, weight and size of an item, together with its destination address and specific type of service which a client requires.

Knowing what inquiries to make enables you to ensure safe arrival of your shipment. Clients with parcel-delivery needs in Brisbane can for instance get such attention from Bonds Couriers – courier delivery service.

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